Create 1400

Coming soon, the Create 1400 Transtibial Printing System will join the Create O&P lineup! Specifically designed to make a variety of TT (BK)-specific prosthetic devices, it features a new high-flow hot end, as well as a heavy-duty liner rail, which allows you to print durable devices in both rigid and flexible materials.


First time buyers can take advantage of our Start-Up Package, which includes accredited clinical courses, multiple 3D printing training sessions conducted by our on-staff CPOs and 3D printing experts, introductory clinical and technical support, and 3 months’ access to our new online Digital Dashboard.


With the new online Digital Dashboard, you’ll have access to rapidPLASTER: basic, easy-to-use O&P-specific modifying software, automated slicing capabilities, clinical resources, and a database of how-to videos going over all aspects of the 3D printing process.



  • Easy to use
  • Made in the USA
  • Customized high-flow hot end
  • Faster, more durable prints
  • Prints rigid and flexible devices

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