Create 3400™

With the CREATE3400 System, your clinic can produce these custom devices:

Create 3400
  • Flexible inner sockets
  • Check sockets
  • Lamination molds
  • Digital positive models
  • Arms
  • Fingers
  • Partial hands
  • Wrist braces
  • Leg covers

With our clinical experience and knowledge in 3D printing prosthetics and orthotics, we can increase your facility’s profitability while saving you time and effort in making similar devices or ordering them from a central fabrication facility. Our clinicians will walk you through the process to get you 3D printing confidently in-house and support you along the way.

One of the most common myths is that 3D printing is easy. It can take years to train yourself. That’s why we conduct multiple training sessions for you with our on-staff CPOs and printing experts. We cover everything from software to printer operation to maintenance, and explain how to properly apply these new skills to the O&P industry.
With its dual extruder and massive print bed, you can use a wide variety of strong, rigid materials and flexibles. Also included is a 3D scanner, iPad Mini and access to our Dashboard with integrated software, file database and clinical resources.
Once you have gone through our in-depth training and understand all your tools, you’re ready to start printing devices for patients! However, you may come up with additional questions. Because of this, we give one year of technical support with each system. Whether you have a technical or clinical issue, we’re here to help you through the entire process.
Printing a leg cover
Printing a hand

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