Create Launches First O&P-Specific 3D Printing System

Posted by Amanda Cash on September 7, 2016 in CREATE PROSTHETICS NEWS AND UPDATES

Lake Placid, NY – Orthotics and prosthetics innovator Create Orthotics and Prosthetics (Create O&P) is launching the world’s first fully-integrated, medical-grade, orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) 3D printing system. With Create O&P’s system, practitioners can now print eight devices including flexible inner sockets, diagnostic sockets, leg covers, arms, wrist braces, fingers, models, and partial hands – right in their own clinics. The system works with Create’s proprietary Flexy Fit Prosthetics™ filament, which prints flexible devices that are lightweight and durable, as well as several rigid filament options available through Create.

“We are excited to introduce an easy-to-use 3D printing system that is medical-grade and empowers clinicians to provide the latest in care options to their patients,” said Create O&P CEO Jeff Erenstone, CPO. “I’ve been using this system in my three clinics for the past year and have made my patients very happy with customized devices that fit well and look really great.”

Create O&P’s system provides all the components that practitioners need to bring digital fabrication to their clinics, including the necessary educational and design services. Included in the system are the first ever medical-grade, O&P-specific 3D printer, a scanner, Create’s proprietary designs and design services, 3D model slicing software, and Create’s Flexy Fit Prosthetics™ filament.

“Clinicians can design some devices, such as diagnostic sockets or flexible inner sockets, on their own using CAD/CAM, or use Create O&P’s design services to design and code custom devices for their patients,” explained Erenstone. Once Create’s design house has coded each device, it is sent back to the clinician for efficient printing. “Our system cuts about 50% of the time that a clinician typically spends fabricating a similar device. While the print may take several hours or up to a day, the hands-on component of lab time is drastically reduced. It really is plug and play, and we will be there to get you up and running.”  

Net margins for O&P care providers have been decreasing significantly over the past six years and Create O&P estimates that a device produced through its 3D printing system is, on average, 65% less costly than one developed through a central fabrication facility.  

Create plans to roll out additional devices that clinicians can print using their system over the next year. As Erenstone put it, “We have a few exciting surprises up our sleeve, and we are really looking forward to further increasing practitioners’ capabilities.”