Create Orthotics

Our 3D-printed wrist brace is a great, quick and easy way to provide your patient with a custom wrist brace, rather than an off-the-shelf model. Your Create 3400 USB drive comes pre-loaded with six different sizes for wrist braces. As a result, you can provide a better product for your patient while improving your clinic’s revenue. (Central fabrication also available if desired.)

  • Prints flat and is heat-formable
  • Add foam or other backing, plus straps, as desired
  • Lcode-reimbursable as a custom device
  • Easy to measure


Create positive models bring digital models into the real world. 3D printing is best known for scanning patient data, digitally modifying the model in a CAD program, and then creating (printing) the device itself. However,​ sometimes it is also beneficial to have a positive model for traditional fabrication. Create models give the ability to make a positive model from a digital file without the need of an expensive digital carver. With your scanner, you can scan and save all models (including plaster models) for record-keeping and to be re-made even years later.

  • Use a scan to create a positive model/mold
  • Use the mold for fabrication
  • Digital record of the mold can be stored on a hard drive/computer for years to come

Coming soon: AFOs! We are excited to announce that we will soon be able to share our design for a 3D-printed AFO that provides the strength and the flexibility that your patients need. Here is a video of a product test.