Create Printing Systems

Create 5400

Create Printing Systems are specifically designed to make a variety of prosthetic devices. Each system features a new high-flow hot end, as well as a heavy-duty linear rail, which allows you to print durable devices in both rigid and flexible materials.


First time buyers can take advantage of our start-up package, which includes introductory clinical and technical support, online training and education, and access to our online Digital Dashboard for 3 or 12 months (depending on package purchase).


With the online Digital Dashboard, you’ll have access to RAPID PLASTER: basic, easy-to-use O&P-specific modifying software, automated slicing capabilities, clinical resources, and a database of how-to videos going over all aspects of the 3D printing process.

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Create 1400

Your System Includes:

  • CREATE1400™ or CREATE5400™ 3D Printer: Professional-grade printer, specifically designed and constructed for the orthotic and prosthetic industry. Made in the USA.
  • RAPID PLASTER Modification Software: Access to our O&P-specific modification software for diagnostic sockets. 3 or 12 months included depending on package purchase.
  • Create U Online Education Courses: Online education for 2 of your staff on how to use your Create 3D Printing System.
  • Technical Support and Online Dashboard: 3 or 12 months of technical support and access to the Create online dashboard (depending on package purchase).
  • 3D Printing Tools, Accessories, and Design:
    • 1 roll of PCTG filament (750 g)
    • 1 roll of Flexy Fit filament (500 g)
    • 1 Filament storage container
    • 1 Tool kit and additional hot end
    • 1 custom-designed leg cover file, ready to print

    Wondering which Create printing system is right for you? Here is a comparison chart of the packages we offer.

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