Create Prosthetics

Our printing systems can take you from start to finish with your patient’s socket. With them, you can make a diagnostic socket, a flexible inner socket, and a lamination mold to make your definitive socket!

  • Scan the plaster mold, cast, or patient’s residual limb
  • Clean your scan (or, let us do it for you!)
  • Make the necessary modifications using CAD software
  • Send the file to us to produce either (A) a finished, 3D-printed device, or (B) a Gcode (printer-ready file, for Create printing system owners)
  • As part of our educational program for Create printing system owners, we will teach you how to make these devices on your own if you prefer!

Click here to download the socket information sheet.

Practitioners: Order your c-fab socket devices here.

The Create Arm is a kit-style system that allow prosthetists to make 3D-printed arms for their patients using our Flexy Fit material. We have focused our arm development on maximizing the attributes that 3D printing does exceptionally well:

  • Aesthetics
  • Customization to patient size and morphology
  • Extremely lightweight designs

Click here to download the Create Arm information sheet.

Practitioners: Order your Create Arm kit here. (Please note, our arm kits are highly personalized and require a conversation with our clinical staff before ordering.)

Our fingers are passive devices which return the length and oppositional function of fingers to the user. They are fabricated in our exclusive FlexyFit material, which provides a pleasant and realistic look and feel.

  • Low-cost
  • Custom-made
  • Based on a few simple measurements
  • Available in any Flexy color, including skin tones buff, tan, or brown
  • Attached by the use of a silicone suspension sleeve

Practitioners: Order fingers here.

See the fingers in action:

The Create Partial Hand kit is highly customizable depending on the user’s needs. The finished device is similar to devices made famous by groups such as e-NABLE, but at Create we have found that traditional O&P fabrication methods are superior for the socket and wrist gauntlets.

  • Digits, cables, guides, and lamination molds included
  • Use with prosthetist-fabricated socket & wrist gauntlets for a complete partial hand device
  • Based on a few simple measurements

Practitioners: Order partial hands here.

Create digital plaster models bring digital models into the real world. 3D printing is best known for scanning patient data, digitally modifying the model in a CAD program, and then creating (printing) the device itself. However,​ sometimes it is also beneficial to have a positive model for traditional fabrication. Create models give the ability to make a positive mold from a digital file without the need of an expensive carver. With your scanner, you can scan and save all models (including plaster models) for record-keeping and to be re-made even years later.

  • Use a scan to create a positive model/mold
  • Digital record of the model can be stored on a hard drive/computer for years to come

Practitioners: Click here to order a Create digital plaster model. (If you would like to order a positive model for fabrication/lamination, please use the socket order form, above!)