Frequently Asked Questions

“Create O&P”: What do you do?

We manufacture the Create 3400, the only medical grade 3D printing system that allows you to produce a wide variety of high-quality, custom devices, in your own clinic. With each package, we give you the tools, the support and the training needed so your clinic can start 3D printing devices in-house, day one.


What devices can I make with your 3D printer?

BK and AK Leg Covers, Diagnostic/Check Sockets, Flexible Inner Sockets, Definitive Socket Molds, Partial Fingers, Partial Hand Kits, Arms, Wrist Braces and O&P Molds. Every day our engineers and our clients are working on new devices.


Are your 3D-printed check sockets clear?

Using PETG or PCTG filament, the check sockets are translucent, allowing you to see through the devices for a proper diagnosis.


I hear 3D printed devices are flimsy. Are they?

No, that is not always the case. Many of our devices are actually stronger than traditional fabrication methods. For instance, our leg covers, wrist braces, and flexible inner sockets are more durable. We do recommend that you reinforce a diagnostic/check socket if you are doing more than a static fitting with your patient.


How much does it cost?

We have a few different packages available. To find out more, call or email us today!


Why should I add 3D printing to my clinical practice?

It’s obvious that we are living in a digital world. Using the current advancements in technology, we are able to enhance workflow efficiency. For instance, with our CAD/CAM Package, you can take a scan, modify it in a digital plaster room, then print a check socket. With a custom product like a leg cover, you can simply visit our website, send us your dimensions and we send you back a printable design. This will save you time fabricating, leaving more time for patients.


Tell me more about this Vorum Software.

The Vorum Software is specifically geared toward O&P 3D printing. Easily open a scan and then modify it as needed. Once you’re done, you can convert your check socket STL File to Gcode with our online slicer, the CreateCoder. Training and support is included on all of these features.


Why do I need your printer?

Although there are many other printers out there, this is the only printer that has been specifically designed to print prosthetics and orthotics. Only the Create 3400 can 3D print FDA-approved devices such as flexible inner sockets and leg covers, and only the 3400 comes with O&P-specific technical and clinical training.  Our owner, CPO Jeff Erenstone, has spent over three years developing this printer specifically for the O&P world.


How much do materials cost?

PLA and PETG are $42 a roll. You can get 3 – 4 devices out of these rolls. Our Flexy Fit is $65 a roll. You will be able to get 2-3 devices out of a roll.


What is the cost per device?

This depends on the size/ thickness of the device and also what material you print with. Generally a device with PLA or PETG is about $10-15. A device printed with FlexyFit is generally $20-25.


I use a different CAD software. Is that ok?

Absolutely! Although we recommend the Vorum Software, our system is compatible with most CAD programs.


I already have a scanner…do I really need the one that comes with your package?

That’s great to hear. Generally we recommend you still get the scanner with the printer package. We find that our other clients like having a scanner/ iPad that is dedicated to the system. However, we can deduct it from the package if you really don’t want it!


I’ve heard that 3D printing takes a long time.

Although it is true that some prints can take a while, you must remember that while the system is printing, you are not tied to the machine. You are free to see other patients and work on other tasks. Or if you are a technician, you can start a print, and then work on other devices.


Do you have financing available?

We do! We have 36, 48 and 60 month financing periods available. Contact us to find out more.


Who else is using your 3D printer?

We have many systems currently in use at various clinics around the United States. To name a few, there is Manfredi O&P in New Jersey, Rhode Island Limb in Rhode Island, and Presque Isle in Ohio. We would be happy to provide you with references of some of our happy customers who have integrated our 3D printing system into their practice. Just ask!


Can I use you for central fabrication of 3D printed devices?

We would rather give the tools to YOU, to teach you to print your own! In the long run, this will be much more time-saving and profitable for your clinic. However, we do offer central fabrication for each of our devices as well. This is a great way to “try us out.” (Please note, custom central fab devices take about 1-2 weeks to ship out from our facility.) For pricing or to find out how to order, please call our office or email us!


Can you send me a sample?

Since we have central fabrication available, you can order a device from us that is Lcode billable. If you decide to buy a printer from us, we will credit your quote for the amount of that device.


How long will it take to get my printer once I order?

Currently our lead time is 4-5 weeks from the date ordered. If you have a specific need by date, please contact us to see if we can meet your deadline.


Can I buy just the printer?

Unfortunately, buying just the printer would not be useful. We make sure that tools and training are included with every package. The last thing we want is for someone to buy a system, then not utilize it to its fullest potential.


Why are you different than any other 3D printer company?

We are the only company that offers a complete solution to get you up and 3D printing IN HOUSE. All other companies are using central fab facilities, which is not cost effective in the long run. Plus, you have to work on their schedule.


FDA approved…why does that matter?

The FDA regulates all medical devices. To make prosthetic and orthotic devices, your fabrication techniques and tools must be FDA approved.


What materials can you print with?

Currently the system comes with PLA, PETG and FlexyFit filament, with more choices to come in the near future. Once you own a system, however, you are welcome to experiment with any other filament.


What is FlexyFit? Can I buy it anywhere else?

No, this is our proprietary blend of filament that is the perfect mixture of hard and soft material. Because of this, we are able to make various, high quality devices, unlike any other printer.


I have questions that were not answered here. Who can I talk with?

We have a dedicated team that is ready to answer your questions. Please call our office at 518-302-9198, or contact us via email, and we will make sure the right person gets in touch with you.