Rapid Socket System

With Create’s RAPID SOCKET SYSTEM, you can make a finished check socket in under 3 hours!

How does the system work?

The Rapid Socket System is an easy workflow designed to allow you to spend more time with your patients and less time in the lab. The steps involved are simple:

ScanScan your patient’s residual limb, cast or plaster model.


ModifyModify the model using our intuitive online software, RAPID PLASTER.


PrintPrint the modified model with your CREATE1400 printing system.


FitFit the finished check socket to the patient.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of socket will I receive using the Rapid Socket System?

Create’s Rapid Socket System will make a 2.5mm-thick check socket with good visibility for fitting.  The socket is printed in PCTG, which is a rigid, strong material that can stand up to heat-forming and grinding. The Rapid Socket prints without trim lines, allowing you, the practitioner, to draw and grind your trim lines as desired.

Is this socket really strong enough to do a dynamic fitting?

As with all of our 3D printed sockets, we recommend reinforcement for weight-bearing applications. The advantages of the Rapid Socket are clarity, short printing time, and ease in modification. Fiberglass tape should be enough to reinforce it for a dynamic fitting in the office, but if you intend to send your patient home on this socket, we would recommend one of our thicker standard sockets instead.

Can I get a sample or try this system out?

Yes! If you have a scanner and modification software, you can upload your own 3D model file (.stl or .obj) to order a Rapid Socket. If you need to make modifications to your file first, you can use our modification software, RAPID PLASTER., and submit it to us directly from there. Or, if your file is already modified and you would just like to order a 3D-printed model, just use our easy online order form to upload your file, give us your information, and we will send you a centrally fabricated Rapid Socket so you can see and try it for yourself. (*Please note, central fab charges will apply.)

I am interested in printing my own Rapid Sockets. How much does it cost? What is included?

We can answer all your questions and get you a quote that is specific to your needs. To request more information and a quote from our sales team, please contact us.